It rained here today. No, really!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Something that seemed unthinkable only 6 hours ago happened here tonight.

It rained.

All of mother nature's creation existing here in Asansol must have heaved a collective sigh of relief...Whew...The past two weeks had been unbearable. The heat, as oppressive as it was, had a formidable ally hand-in-glove with it - humidity. The least I can say here is that the two are a killer combination. 10 minutes out in the sun are enough to sap the bejesus out of you...You can only sweat, sweat and still sweat some more. Our AC has been working overtime for the last fortnight. It's been operating at 16 degrees C for around 18 of the 24 hours daily. We're wary of the power bills that we are surely gonna have to foot, but what's the use of having a horse which you never race? Inspite of the Electrolux's best efforts ( and that's pretty good ), we all wanted some divine intervention.

And divine intervention it surely was. Till 2 this afternoon, it was business as usual for the early May clime...things started changing post-6 PM, and a nice thunderstorm lashed Asansol from around 7 : 30 PM. I went up to the terrace of our flat and soaked it in for a good 2 hours. I was totally oblivious of the discordant clatter caused by the rain pelting on the tin roof over a small enclosure on the terrace. Of the fear that I might wake up severly ill next morning. Of the chances of lightning striking me. I guess these are moments that make your day! Pity I can't make you feel the way I did through this virtual world...

I've often read about the way poets and authors feel after rain - they feel elevated, uplifted, invigorated on and so forth.

Not surprisingly, during my stint of getting wet in the welcome shower, I felt only two things.

Total wetness. And extreme happiness!

I know of no other emotion even remotely as good as those two.