The Return of the King

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sometimes, good is just not good enough.

Awww….you cringe. Now what? Is this post going to be another incessant, boring ramble about my never-ending misfortunes?

Far from it. This is a celebration. Of the successful ‘me’. Finally.

The previous post did give many the impression that the death knell had sounded for me, but I’ve bounced back reincarnated, reinvented and reloaded!

Victory is always sweet. But when it comes after aeons, and comes in this manner, it deserves to be savoured. This is the kind of feeling you get when the sun beams down after a July thundershower, something you want to last for a lifetime. Since that can’t happen, one has to enjoy the moment as long as it endures.

And I will be extremely selfish in saying that this is MY victory, my triumph, my euphoria and my ecstasy(don't think otherwise). And no one else, other than me and my close pals deserve to savour this success. This victory belongs to Raunaq, his friends like Shubhra, Guru, Neelay, Manish, Ronodweep, Nilankur and some more who I’m not mentioning here (I apologize for that). Some cousins of mine make the grade as well. And how can I forget Mrs. Paul ? Her wishes clinched it for me!! The omission here pertains to my parents(Mom, to be specific).

This one was a long time coming. I had never been without success for such a long period as this one: from April 06 to May 08. I’ve had to face too many hard situations, which had all but broken me. I’m no rock-of-Gibraltar that can weather severe storms. No. I’m not that strong. So, I badly needed this shot-in-the-arm to jump-start my stuttering career. And what a jump-start this has been!

But I can still see how my mother screws up her nose when she tells others that I’m, going to study English and Economics for the next 5 years. It’s almost as if she is ashamed.He’s not at all interested in going for that despite getting a half-decent AIEEE result. I can see that she still wants that to happen. Heck, my school’s Principal was infinitely more happy on hearing the news of my future plans. My mom’s smile seems faked.

But, much as I love her, ‘Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn’.

SHOCKING? Maybe so. I really don’t care. What matters is the fact that I’ve never been happier. Other people and their feelings can go for a toss.

“Kabhi kabhi kuch jeetne ke liye kuch haarna padta hai. Aur haar kar jeetne waalon ko Baazigar kehte hain.”

At the risk of sounding repetitive and unimaginative, I thank whoever-it-is for reaffirming my faith that these cheesy fily lines do hold a lot of water.


Shanu... said...

Indeed Return Of The King.... Way to go boy... you are half the way to success ... More in Store... Just Move on as The Journey Continues..

Puspen said...

wel, dude, won't b diplomatic, m a bit pissed dat my name went missing from da 'close pals' list. neways, we r now sharing da same 'blogspot'. yeah, urs truly has also taken to blogging!



Weltmeister said...

Thanks to both of you...

my apologies for that....

to puspen

"but i am ki bhabli....tor postion amar friend listing e separate....we are more than just friends...comrades, if you will...

those are the names that knew about the exam and said i will...bujhli??? tor shonge oi period e khub ekta dekha hoto na toh jantish na....ota niye tor shonge kotha hoye ni....tai jonno tor naam nei...nahole tor naam thakbe na??? ki bhabchhiah, kar naam thakuk na thakuk, tor toh thakar uchit!!! the post was specific...hence your name was missing!!!! not bcoz of any other reason!!"