Bring on the night

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Generally, I do useless things on the internet. Rest assured, this thing isn't. A really, really fab interview of one of the greatest singers/bassists/songwriters ever and certainly my favourite songwriter. Gordon Sumner. You might not have heard of him.

Some snatches of the interview I really enjoyed:

Q: What else are you looking forward to?

A: "The ride. The curiosity of what happens next. When I left teaching they said, ‘If you leave now you will lose your pension,’ and I could see myself at 58 as a deputy head with a pension in the offing, and that’s why I left. I didn’t want to see the future. I wanted to spin the wheel and I’m glad to have spun the wheel a few times. I would like to settle down at some point… It doesn’t mean I will, though."

And some tips from someone who most certainly knows what he's talking about:

"I think all the women in my life have satisfied the various archetypes of my mother: the wife, the lover, the mistress, the unattainable female mystery. She encompassed a lot of it. I don’t think you will ever get to the bottom of a woman. I don’t think men are wired to understand, and I think that’s fantastic – a constant mystery. I think I know what women want now though."

In what way? "I think women want to be asked what they want. One shouldn’t just assume." Do you mean what shall we eat, what shall we do tonight? "Everything." Do you want to have sex now? "All those things." You actually ask do you want to have sex? "Of course. Do you think a man should just club you and drag you down into the cave?" No, but I think it’s something you should already know. "Well, you need to read the signals, but they need to be asked. It’s a question of manners."

The entire interview can be found here.

So there. Run off now. Go have your mosquito soup. It's going cold.


suman said...

well...i haven't heard of gordon sunner but i wen't through the entire's really fantastic...thanks for posting this.

RaunaQ said...

you haven't heard of Gordon Sumners, you went through the entire interview and you still don't know who Sting is??!!!!

suman said...

i hadn't heard of sunners and this was the first time i heard of sting,am serious man.

RaunaQ said...

oh dear. listen to 'The Police' and listen to Sting. Please :)

suman said...

okay....i will..listen pal our college has started this group discussion thing.give me some tips if u've done it alreday...i mean how is it different from a debate..other than curbing the aggression?...the fine points i helps but first hand experience is better...see if u can mail me!