Let's go take a bath

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's hardly a surprise that my musical discoveries happen during these quizzes and end-sems. Not that I am complaining.

Last night, I was so enlightened after trying to read bits of Machiavelli and Hobbes with DJ Tiesto and DJ Armin van Buuren providing a pulsating background soundtrack that I decided to 'Drop the World' and decide upon my next course of action. This was at 12:35 AM. I was about to do something earth-shattering.

I had decided to take a bath. A good 45 minute long bath. The water was cold-ish. So I turned on the shower and stood in the dry for about 10 minutes. Wasn't half as scary as the quiz eventually turned out to be, but still. And then I had to do pathetic hip-hop steps and gradually position myself appropriately.

I'm going in the wrong direction again. Habit.