Too much trance and too much...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

In that moment of falling
No one saw those wings growing

Now the blood runs thicker
And the hurt stabs quicker

Her body sways and grooves to the pulsing beat
In the pallid shadows he stands observant yet discreet

He tastes her in every flaming drop he drinks
His senses by her luminescent curves hoodwinked

His is the face seen in the mournful moon
She would forever be his mysterious rune

Cursed to stay distant, condemed not to touch
In this smouldering instant, he wishes for just as much

His heart keeps racing, she's set it alight
Racing no one, with no chequered flag in sight

This is what happens after knocking back 4 glasses of 'Be what you want to be...' alongwith whatever was left in the litchi juice tetrapack. That, alongwith a playlist of the most captivating, pulsing and groovy trance tracks. Newfound addiction. Jan Johnston, Justine Suissa, Nadia Ali, Karen Overton, ooooh, sexy people, sexier voices... I'm knocked out enough to blabber uncontrollably, yet not out-of-hand enough to not be able to find the correct key to type all this in. I'm doing OK with the mouse too. No, you don't. The Virgin GP car has to be THE coolest car of the '10 season, despite my unconditional love for the Germanic understated-ness of the Merc. What's this trash I've written here? Lyrically, it's very evidently shitty, but wait till I find a proper DJ who'll to set these words to a beat and create a proper track... and watch me levitate. van Buuren, Tiesto, van Dyk - are you guys listening? Drove the Pajero around a bit. With the 4WD on, driving it on the beach was great fun too. Still prefer the automatic Prado though. All this on my mind, what was it again? Was I thinking about somebody? Rubbished the benign seven plan at Bessie. Would have been pretty inoffensive. Hah, no way. My dream 250 GTO, dressed in Nero Daytona. I'm limited to wishing for the unattainable. Laugh all you want, you creeps. I can delete this tomorrow. I shouldn't. I won't. I probably will. Will I? naaaah.....