One Lysol-Vermouth. And lots of those olives.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

One eminent personality says that relying on a 'stream-of-consciousness' method of excreting words, sentences and exam answers, for that matter, is never a good idea.

Why, in the name of all that tries to be acceptable, would good ideas find a place here?

Hey, that fatfaced monkey is chomping on your slippers! Obese men in thongs are dancing evil dances on your bed! There is an army of murderous gnats hovering right outside your window!

But you're still here. So you might as well.

Sin city had this news
Some of them were human too
Swiveled out of harm's reach
Gunshots locked in a clattering medley

Free Surrender
Hope's just running
Holes are cut away

The only way they'll believe you
Is when they see you run away

Slaying trucking giant
Flaying and ducking crates

Run, swim Strake O'Cronwell
Hell is on your plate

Bled for your mezcal
Slid down it rough-shod
Slot into death row
Fed on your anger
Preyed on your smugness
Misread the fine print
Crashed into a stonewall

Would that be all?

Gone, snuffed out
Bled out of
The impassive sky
Oh, what a mess

Where did the cleaners run off to?