Cocksucker Blues

Monday, May 3, 2010

I shall reveal to you, my nonexistent reader, the ultimate and highest truth, the wisdom of the ages which no one has been able to apprehend yet.

It doesn't matter whether the brahman/atman is real or unreal, static or dynamic, existent or non-existent, barbecue sauce or non-barbecue sauce.

What matters though, is that the grades that we will receive will be real, static, existent, unmodifiable, immutable and most definitely, they will NOT be barbecue sauce.

And all those seers and rishis from centuries ago created tomes and tomes of irrelevant 'concepts' and 'truths' - obviously while being stoned out of their minds. Who knows, they might have had an awesome sense of humour and therefore they are responsible for a trip that has lasted for centuries now and is showing no signs of going anywhere.

I'm sure they've been laughing their asses off all these days. For them, this is just one long, MEGA-trip.