In My Fist

Friday, August 20, 2010

I can see it but
my fingers keep
telling me
forty-six and a quarter
flamingly mindbending
lies and blurtruths
which are one and the same
Of course
What's wrong with me
Stretched my legs
on the responsive bed
And let
my big fat head
Fall back en route
to the welcoming pillow
But why is it taking
a thousand phone calls
to a capsicum-eating toad?
When will my sodding head
get to the crashing pillow?
Where am I at?
Are we there yet?
Oh, come on, come on



Thursday, August 19, 2010

OK, this one's from 'No Stone Unturned'. Appropriately named and all, but if you dismiss this as a mere 'Green Onions' ripoff, I'll appear in your nightmares and scream in bad Tamil while impersonating an overexcited cow. 'Green Onions' is great, so is 'Stoned'. Actually, I find the first 50 seconds of the song slightly annoying.

Then a certain Keith Richards' guitar kicks in. All is well with the world again.


Heavy Cloud / Where am I at?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

And now that we're grounded
Stick your tongue out and taste
The calamity hanging in the air
Enough of running and evading
Evilly, scarily shrouded
Ghostly and misty angelheads

Stop and breathe for a second
Something wearily beckons
And down comes the red rain
We've got to salvage something
Something precious, something treasured
Something from these remains

Now we stand defenceless
We'll be knocked out senseless
Now that the bubbling volcanoes
They have us arraigned
Don't bother thinking
Forget about reasoning
Take my trembling hand

And let's go down
In a great wall of flames

Every day I have the Blues

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Muddy Waters, BB King and Buddy Guy on one hand, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and Jeff Beck on the other. I just can't stop listening to these Gurudevs.

Particularly Keith's version of Cocaine Blues:

PS: And this one for purely sentimental and true-to-current-imaginary-scenarios reasons:

Go sleep.

Schmatte, schmatte, SCHMATTE! I'm in TATTERS!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Towards the end of class 9, during the final exam jiving and the irritation and inconveniences of shifting, there was one song that was incessantly blasting in my head's internal soundsystem.

Yudhajit had acquired the cassette and it was on heavy rotation on our respective Walkmen. And the lyrics are gaining in volume(internally) all over again ever since I watched Bullet In A Bible.

It didn't say much but it only confirmed
That the centre of the earth is the end of the world

And I could really care less. Really.