what's that in your eye?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

come away, take a second
shoot yourself some time
dissolve some hair
in a flashy red beaker
drop out of it
and fall in right here
stick a foot out
and poke the
electric blue mashiakh
spin a jackrabbit
on your bleeding kneecap
way, farther down
feel a raised little nub
and lop off several
fragrant and squishy heads
grow some under
that fake medullar module
of that raised
and intensely luminiscent pinhead
there they were
languidly, smirkingly
casting some more
certainties mixed up
with a few what-ifs
and the rest
just bled slowly
slowly, ever so
ever more slowly
out on the sickly sweet
run on it and
keep on till
they tell you
to go further on