Adreno Hoagie

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bad Blood, sad freak
Torn up, real quick
Race driver, even higher
Fizzy scope, deep frier
Full-face helmet, shudder in the stands

Rampaging Michael, hot streak brother pram
Normal weirdness, drained old backhand
Fudge gone bleary, croquet firebrand

Vixen a-groovy, freeze-up a-dookie
Going down on Joanne
Flamboyant pudgy, broken arrow rad
Wood shaver sidekick, crack bow gone unplanned

Hair's all ruffled, Bo want a truffle
Lick the melting rubber band
Cross-filter kingdom, creamed through mid-on
Scratch Papa Dodo's back
Burned up barracks, got no saviour hand


I'm sorry.