BAMFing Tennis

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WHATAMATCHWHATAMATCH, WHATAFUCKINGMATCH. Delpo with those howitzeringbazookafiedpiledriving groundstrokes and our good old whiplashingbuccaneergunslinger Rafa. Yes there were a lot of errors but they were playing 'space-shuttle level'(Hova in Nadal's box would have approved) tennis, going for broke, raping those tennis balls and giving each other no quarter. This was THE match as far as the 4th round matches were concerned, and it more than lived up to its billing. Heck, it probably is the best match Wimbledon is going to see in the second week of the tournament. It was the meanest and baddest and dopest and illest match so far in this year's Championships.

Images from that 6-2,6-2,6-2 banging of Rafa at Flushing Meadows 09 were repeatedly forcing itself into my head when Delpo was mothering those balls but Rafa responded decently, especially in the tiebreaks.

And apart from the tennis there was some good drama, with those 2 injury scares, Delpo gentripping on a ballkid, Rafa raging, Spanish soap-opera style at Carlos Ramos for that time violation etc etc.

I hope Nadal's not hampered by that ankle injury. That would be a pity. I mean, Mardy Fish would get to the semis then! If Rafa was in that much pain, he should have forfeited the match. Del Potro might have gone far.

BLOCKBUSTER STUFF. Give me more I say.