El Mago?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A new king's born today.

You Djoker, you deserve the No. 1 ranking macha. You have been bwilllliant all season. Rafa had correctly pointed out, referring to the Federer vs Djokovic match in the post match interview he gave to Cedric Pioline after thrashing Andy Murray(hahahah) in the French Open semis 4 weeks ago: 'It is the best player of the moment playing against the best player of (the) history.'

Anything other than a Djokovic victory would be a surprise. The Rafa second serve, which Murray was returning like an epileptic chimpanzee, will be murdered by Nole. His groundstrokes are laser-sharp and his accuracy is maddeningly unerring. And he's moving on court like Nadal used to 3 years ago. If he gets off the blocks quickly, Rafa will have problems. Biiiiiiiiiiig problems.

I predict a Djoker win in 4, possibly 5 sets.

But I hope the Raging Bull rages once more and conjures up some 2008 magic. At the very least, it should be a dhamaka match.

(Contrary to what I had said earlier, there have been 2 sensational matches post the Rafa-Delpo encounter. This one promises to be the BAAP.)

Whoopty whoop!

PS: I might go and catch Delhi Belly now. IF IT DOESN'T RAIN. Harrrumph.