Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I haven't been pissed off at movie trailers in quite a while. The good ones make me feel warm and soft and fuzzy, and the bad ones(eg. Singham) make me laugh. Seriously what's with the 3-stage boob-grabbing technique proudly displayed by Ajay Davegn(Devgun? Devgan?)? Thoo. God, it's bad. But funny too. Take another shit movie like Murder 2. You know what to expect here, with Emraan doing his usual thing and the actress kitted out in lots of leather, pumping and grinding anything, absolutely ANYTHING within her sights. So one doesn't really care.

But the trailers of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara are on another level. All its trailers I have seen thus far are mind-numbingly and cringe-inducingly unfunny(the music is also quite bad, but Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have been quite useless in recent times). Right from the 'bwoyz' to the 'mushi-mushi' to the 'lou' to the one in which the three guys are bombarding us with their singing talents(ie. lack thereof). I think my extreme irritation stems from Abhay Deol's involvement in what might be a total WTF film. He should have learnt his lesson from Aisha. The other two don't matter because they will have their blockbusters even if this one doesn't work. And I don't really expect quirkily fantastic performances in smartly made cinema from the other two. Abhay macha, I hope the film is decent, and if it's not, you should just walk away from this kind of film in future.

But yes, despite these trailers being about as exciting as a damp, fungi-infested sock, I will end up in a theatre that's screening the film next week. I don't have anything better to do.

After the bad, let's move on to some awesome.

Neil Young, after all these years, has still got it.



Puspen Dasgupta said...

'aneurysm'....why can't i look at it as an english term??

RaunaQ said...

arey aneurysm was used in an episode of House in this manner.

and i was pissed off at a friend of mine, who 'used' to be a schumi fan and now just keeps abusing him and swearing like a madman.