Make it?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

These are dark, smelly and dubious times indeed.

It has become so tough to keep the faith, but keep it I will. Schumi, Vale let's just tear something up, despite how improbable it seems at this stage. Where did the magic go? Why does it refuse to have a good time with us these days? Quit being a heartbreaker, you.

Idiots who start having aneurysms every time it even looks like their sports team/player/hero might possibly lose should just stop watching sport. Write your own sports storyboards in your own heads with your preferred endings and feel warm and smug inside.

It's almost as if my two deities are tripping on me. Deity number three is in retirement. But no matter. They are heroes. My heroes. Always have been, always will be.

Josh Homme had something to say in 'Make It Wit Chu' which seems apt here.

'I ain't here to break it,
Just see how far it will bend.'


Manish said...

My sports storyboard

Lewis pulls of the title in one one of the most bizzare finale of
formula 1 puttig sebestian's ass on fire and giving alonso the second slot,
Federer and nadal enters another epic finale and in the end both faints to become "comfortably numb"
Aggreing to give djokovic a shot on title
And yet another our god of cricket announces retirement.
"wow it gave me butterflies in my stomach while writing this guess what it would give when this really turns out true"
And yeah to give it finally a nail in the head
"mcqueen and senna join hands to star in one of its type racing movie ever made "
I need deja vu
i need to stop now i dont know .
just stop!!!

RaunaQ said...

imagined madness 101!