Wednesday, May 23, 2012

And that's all one needs to keep the faith. Vale put a big fat grin on my stupid face on Sunday with his performance at Le Mans, in the pouring rain, aboard a Ducati Desmosedici which has been supremely useless this year. The last three laps were just AAAAAARGH and had me screaming and hurling things at the TV. And, as he does most of the time, Rossi made the move on Stoner stick and crossed the line. Truth be told, that second place was way, waaaay more satisfying than some of his victories. I hope things keep improving steadily from here on in.

And who presented the constructors’ trophy to Yamaha on that day? MSC.

This brings me neatly to the topic of his (non) performance thus far this season. When he announced that comeback in December ‘09, I dreamt of wins and championship glory until I saw the Bahrain race, after which I pared my expectations down to more realistic levels. And then there was the annus horribilis of 2011, when Mercedes was completely shat on. I don't care for race wins or world titles anymore - all I want to see is some fighting performances, some good duels with those who have superior machinery under them, him getting the better of his team-mate, performing beyond the abilities of the car once in a while, making it to the podium a few times, that sort of thing.

On the grid, Schu was interviewed prior to the race and was asked about whether Rossi still had it in him, in light of the difficulties he is facing at Ducati, and the reply came instantly: “He’s a legend and has been World Champion so many times. You don’t ever lose that.”

Just remind me of the things that made me a worshipper in the first place. Once. Please?


Puspen Dasgupta said...

why "rattlesnake shake"?

suman said...

sooner or later he least once.

RaunaQ said...

rattlesnake shake? haha emni, it's a fleetwood mac song and i've been listening to it repeatedly over the past 2 weeks. and the song is about jerking off.