Then I said, "HAI!"

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Spider and The Fly - The Rolling Stones (1967)

"Sit up, fed up, lowdown, go round,
Down to the bar in the place I'm at,
Sitting, drinking, superficially thinking,
About the rinsed-out blonde on my left"

For best results, mix with:

The Werewolf


  • One part Drambuie
  • One part Jack Daniel's


It isn't particularly challenging. Dunk the constituents into a lowball glass. Or any glass. Don't be a c**t about it.

And then, stay with Wyman's bass and let your mind flit about a bit with the guitars of Keith and Brian doing what the Drambuie and JD are doing in your glass. Rinse and repeat.

Uninspired Unguent-man

Saturday, November 9, 2013

As I don't have very much to do these days, I'll be doing this on this sad platform henceforth:

There's going to be a drink recommendation to go with the song suggestion that I put up on a daily weekly basis. So you should play that song and try to imbibe the drink I suggest. Simultaneously. Well, not really. You should do something productive with your time, but till then, this should keep you on the level.

You can guess the band whose music was the catalyst for this (good) timepass idea.